Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Tiobe ranking of programming languages (August 2017) commented

And here I am again with my comments about Tiobe ranking of programming languages.

As me may see, Visual Basic .NET is up two positions considering August 2016. And I've been noticing some more questions about it at StackOverflow and some programming groups at Facebook. Don't know yet why is that so, but I would like to listen to some suggestions. Do you believe this is a tendency or a temporary thing?

It is not that PHP and Javascript felt. Visual Basic .NET passed them, just this. Otherwise they would be steady. But until last December Javascript was going up at fast speed. Should we consider that the large number of Javascript libraries appearing everyday are making the environment for this language to complicated?

Ruby is also up two positions, as I had told you it would happen by mid 2016. I believe this is a tendency, not a temporary thing.

Swift is up three positions and this is not surprise to me at all. It is a nice language, with a reasonable learning curve. It will grow even more in the next few months.

Delphi / Object Pascal felt one position and this is no surprise at all.

By July 2016 I was asking why Assembly was going up so fast. I though all that excitement about "Internet of Things" was making it explode. And I think I was right, because I seldom read about this expression anymore and Assembly is falling fast. Four positions since August 2016!

Where is the "Internet of Things"? Fashion comes and fashion goes. I've seen a lot of this in the last 32 years in this area.

"R" is up one position, and Matlab follows the same path up, because Data Science is the new expression in all mouths and brains. Is this a tendency? I still don't know.

Go is up four positions and it is definitely a tendency, at least for a few more years. Not a particularly suitable language to me, but remember... Google, and Google's money, is backing it!!!

Objective-C is falling down. I believe this is related with the rise of React Native and Xamarin for mobile development.

I'd like to hear from you in the comments about all this!