Thursday, December 29, 2016

Programming languages 2016

As I said in this article here, I find it strange when I see posts like "The most used programming languages of 2016" in the middle of June or July, with half an year still to go.

But now it is December and finally Tiobe published the ranking for the last month of this year. Here it is, for those blessed ones who like to see by themselves. But this image below will be enough for some considerations.

Java, as always, is in the top of the list. And Java is not going to fall from this top position in a predictable future. It is solid, stable and passes an image of confidence. Java will still be the top language for a long time, I think.

It surprises me to see Visual Basic .NET going up! Well... it is not a complete surprise, since I always bet on the side of human stupidity. Visual Basic is not a good language at all. And the fact it is still attractive is only a sequel of two facts:  Microsoft's power and programmer's foolishness.

Assembly language still in a rise, as I predicted in previous articles like this one. Internet of Things is a reason, I think. It is growing at a fast pace and requires microcontrollers. Assembly will always be the language for these things.

PHP is still falling down. I regret to see this, for emotional reasons. I helped this language to start and it is a bit sad to see its downfall. But it is a sequel of PHP's irregular growing and disorganization.

Javascript is steady, and this surprises me. With so many great tools like Angular and React, I was waiting to see it growing stronger, not just steady.

Last, but not least, Ruby is falling in this ranking. And it is not the first time. But those who love this great language, like me, don't need to worry. A new tool is about to appear, my Emerald Framework, which will help Ruby to revert this situation.

Well, just two days to the end of 2016. Not an easy year for me, but it passed away as always. And I survived.