Thursday, August 18, 2016

Tiobe Ranking of programming languages - August/2016

This is the new ranking of programming languages published by TIOBE ( It is updated till August/2016.

Everytime I post this ranking here (and I've been doing this every month) I got a lot of strange reactions. People say things like:

"I am a Go programmer and I know Go is not the last language in the world."


"Of course there are more jobs for Ruby than for Java. I've been searching for a Ruby position and I noticed this."

Then, let me explain one thing. Or else... let TIOBE explain itself. This is a link to the page where TIOBE explains this ranking:

Then, before calling me names or cursing me and my seed, please read the explanation to understand what the ranking really means.

I'm not a radical for any language. I love Ruby, but I also love Java, C, Object Pascal and LISP. And many other languages. Because what I really love is programming. And, as a matter of fact, I strongly believe in two things:
  • There is no "best programming language". It all depends on many factors, like what you are using it for and your knowledge of it.
  • The best tool is the tool you know better.