Monday, June 27, 2016

Are iOS and SQL programming languages?

Yesterday I published a post here with two lists of the most demanding programming languages. I want to thank you all for reading this post. It had more than 1400 page views and helped a lot to improve my counter! A blog needs visitors!

But this is not the point here. I'd like to talk about the first list, this one here:

One of my readers named Peter Choe asked, very correctly, why SQL and iOS were listed among programming languages.

Well... as for SQL, this last "L" stands for "language". So, SQL is a language in a certain sense. It is seldom used as an "independent language", but it is a language, nonetheless. One could argue that there is no SQL "per se", but only flavors of a SQL concept, like MySQL, PGSQL, PL/SQL and so on. But this won't affect the general fact that SQL is a language.

When it comes to iOS... this is unforgivable, but understandable. The data used to create the image was extracted from and there one will find job openings saying "Java Developer", "Ruby Developer", "Perl Developer"... and "iOS Developer". I'm sure nobody counted these job openings manually. A crawler did it, for sure. And if you are a crawler programmed to search "XXXXXXX Developer", you won't have ways to decide that Ruby is a programming language and iOS an operational system.