Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Ranking of languages

I'm going to interrupt for a while the series of articles named "Mutatis Mutandis", where I'm discussing the changes in Rails defaults, just to show you the ranking of increasing popularity of languages.

Strange as it seems, Java is the language whose popularity grew more in 2015. Ruby is in the 10th position, followed closely by some "dinosaurs" like Pascal and Delphi (Object Pascal).

While all this happens, PHP is still in the 6th position, but its popularity is decreasing faster than Ruby's is growing.

This fact may be better understood if we look another table, listing job offers in 2015.

As you may see, PHP is not even listed in this chart. Maybe one of the reasons for this is the fact that web business requires more speed and flexibility now than ten years ago. And PHP frameworks, and said PHP creator Rasmus Lerdorf, are all bad when it comes to these things. Zend  Framework, for instance, is solid and stable, indeed, but serves as an example of how bureaucratic a framework can be.